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Why hello there! The name is Anna & I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in beauty school, trying to learn the ropes of being a hair stylist. My random blog will include my daily life, hauls, reviews, & tutorials :) Hope you enjoy & follow! xo Get your ipsy!

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Birthday gifts!
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
It's been so long since I last posted, I got to the point where I kinda gave up on blogging, I know that's terrible! But I'm going to get back into blogging more, since one of my close friends has started to blog! Yay!! Anyways I'll probably try to post once a week at least for you guys. Last month was my bday, so here's a look at what I got for my special day!

Alright so my lovely boyfriend got me a beautiful Michael Kors bag :) I been looking to buy a new bag for awhile now but couldn't find the right. This bag is absolutely perfect for me! 
I'm pretty short (4'11) so this bad doesn't overwhelm me. I also love the cross body strap that it comes with. I will do a more detailed post on my bag & what's in my bag later on.

Next my best got me a bunch of stuff! A beautiful & lovely cheetah print scarf, just in time for fall! Stuff from bath & body works: shower gel, lotion & body spray! The fragrance is "Sensual Amber". 
 My mom loved the lotion so much I just gave it to her. I love the smell of the fragrance  Such a lovely smell for autumn. Last but not least, she got me some panda stuff! I got a panda hat, gloves & cute panda earrings w/ mustaches on them!

Next one of my close friends got me an awesome tea mug! I have recently quit coffee & converted to tea. Coffee was really bad for me, my body didn't like it very much. Converting to tea was a big step but I have done well so far! Anyways back to the mug. So I saw this mug at David's tea before & I thought it was super cool cause it changes color based off the temperature. Been loving this mug!

My other close friend got me 2 gift cards, one from teavana & other from bath & body works! Can't wait to use them! She also got me some pretty eye shadow from Revlon. It's one of their summer collections, it comes with a frosty light green, frosty olive green, frosty blue & a nice frosty orange!

Last but not least my old close friend from high school, baked me such an adorable cake for my bday! 
It tasted so good & was such well made!
 Thank you for taking the time to make something thoughtful for me! 
She made me a pink domo cake! Best cake I have ever gotten!

Well that's what I got for my bday! 
Thanks for stopping by & tune in again next week for some new content!