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DIY Make-up brush holder for under $10!
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Hey guys! 
I recently was browsing the internet & found that a lot of people are selling make-up brush holders for more than $10! Seriously though you can defiantly make your own for under $10!
So here is a DIY cute make-up brush holder, under $10.

Here are all the materials you will need: 
(Most of the stuff was bought @ the Dollar store.)


First you want to clean the vase with some soap & water, after your done that make sure it’s completely dry.

If your using the [Rub on font] keep reading, if not skip to next step.
 Cut out all the letters you are using for that word. I’m going to put “Live” on the vase.
After you’re done cutting them out, remove the wax backing & place them on the vase on the area you want them. Next, use your nail or anything & rub gently until the letter is transfer on the vase.
Do this to all the letters.

STEP 3: 
If you want to use the [Ribbon] keep reading, if not skip to next step.
First you want to heat up your hot glue gun. Next we are going to make a bow with the ribbon.
Measure how big/small you want your bow to be, cut the desired length
& place where you want the bow to be.
Start putting on a small amount of glue onto the ribbon & placing it on the vase, leave a bit of room in the front to make your bow. Now start tying your bow once you positioned everything.
I have included a link on a tutorial for the bow I made:

If your using [Ice crystal gems] keep reading, if not skip this step.
We’re just going to fill the bottom of the vase with the ice gems.
Fill 1/4 of the vase with the ice gems. 

Using the [Vase filler beads]
Fill ¾ of the vase with the Vase filler beads. 

Place the make-up brushes & we are done!

You can also place different thing in the vases, like pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc. Be creative!
Hope you enjoyed this simply & easy DIY make-up brush holders! Stay tuned for more easy DIY!

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