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N.A.C. Week 6 - Violet Nails!
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys! It's time for N.A.C. Week - Violet Nails!
I did a spring look for this week's challenge since we finally have some sunshine! Yay! 
Let's get started!

What you need:
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Purple nail polish
- Light purple nail polish
- Shimmery purple nail polish
- white acrylic paint
- Purple acrylic paint
- green acrylic paint
- magenta nail polish
- hot pink nail polish
- light shimmery pink nail polish
- toothpick
- stripper brush
- paper towel
- water

We're going to prep the nails with a base coat. 
Using a base coat will protect the nails from staining.
I'm using ESSIE 'all in one base'.

Next I'm going to paint my nails in a pattern with purple, then light purple, then dark again start from my thumb. The nails should look like this. I did about 2-3 coats for each nail. 
 The purple is ESSIE 'boxer shorts' such a pretty color, 
& the light purple is by OPI 'rumple's wiggin''.

After that is dry I'm going to put a shimmery purple over the ESSIE'S purple. 
I'm using REVLON '#370 not so blueberry'
Not only is it a nice shimmer, it also smells like blueberries once it's done drying!

Now I'm going to be using the white & purple acrylic paint. I mix them together to make a light purple, close to the color I painted on my pointer finger & ring finger. 
Using a stripper brushing, I'm going to make 3 vertical lines down the purple nails. 
One in the center, then 2 on the sides.

Now it's time for the flowers! I'm going to be using a magenta color to make the base of the flowers. Make sure you don't take too much polish 
& just make random blobs on the nails. It doesn't have to be perfect! 
I'm using ESSIE 'splash of grenadine'.

Let that dry & now we're going to apply the shimmery pink 
on top of the blobs we just did. 
I'm using ESSIE 'pink-a-boo'. Such a pretty shimmer!

After that is dry, I'm going to mix the magenta color & a hot pink color together to do the outlines of the flowers. The hot pink polish I used is OPI 'suzi's hungary again!'
Now using a toothpick & going slow, were going to outline the blob. I did 3 curves that weren't attached together & put a dot in the middle on the blob. Super easy! 
Make sure you wipe off the nail polish on the toothpick every now & then, to ensure the toothpick is always sharp.

Almost done! Now using green acrylic paint we're going to be doing the leafs on the flower. Start off with a dot on the side of the flower & then drag it with a curve, 
you can do as many leafs on the flowers as you want but I stuck to 2-3 per flower. 

Let everything dry & finish it off with a top coat. 
I'm using my favorite top coat SECHE VITE 'dry fast top coat'.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks N.A.C. Week 6 - Violet Nails! 
See you guys next week for N.A.C. Week 7 - Black & White Nails!

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