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N.A.C. Week 1: Red Nails
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys, so let's start off with this tutorial for the Nail Art Challenge (N.A.C.) week 1, which is red nails.
The design I did for this week, is a glittery bright red with a curved vertical black stripe. I did the opposite colors on my thumb & ring finger.

Let's get started shall we?
Here is a list of all the materials you need:
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Red polish
- Red glitter polish
- Black polish
- Black acrylic paint
- Red acrylic paint
- Stripper Brush
- Small flat brush
- Cup of small water
- Paper towels
- Small dish to put paint on

First off start by putting on a base. I'm using ESSIE 'all in one base'.
It's good to have a base coat on so the nail doesn't get stained from the polish.

Next paint only the pointer finger, middle finger, & pinky red.
I'm using GOSH 'lambada #60'

As you're waiting for that to dry, paint the thumb & ring finger black.
I'm using NUBAR 'Noir N215'.
Paint a second coat.

I didn't want the red so bright, so I decided to put some glitter on it.
I'm using NUBAR 'Fire Sparkle G181'.
If it's not opaque as you like, add a second coat.

Time for the fun part!
Using a stripper brush, wet it in water first & take some of the excess water out.
Next dip it in black acrylic paint & make a vertical stripe about 1/4 of the nail on the left side, near the end curve it a little. Do this for the pointer, middle & pinky.
Now using a small flat brush, fill in the area you just outlined.
For the thumb & ring finger, do the exact same thing as the others but using red acrylic paint instead.
If you don't have any acrylic paint, go slow with the polish you were using. Make sure you do a couple coats. Let dry & paint the red stripe with the glitter.

After everything is dry, it's time for the top coat.
I'm using SECHE VITE 'dry fast top coat'. This is my favorite top coat of all time!

& Vola we are done! I love how simple & easy this nail design is.
Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, try different colors with this design & send me some pictures of your results! Any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a message.
Stick around for next week's N.A.C - Orange Nails!

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