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Why hello there! The name is Anna & I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in beauty school, trying to learn the ropes of being a hair stylist. My random blog will include my daily life, hauls, reviews, & tutorials :) Hope you enjoy & follow! xo Get your ipsy!

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Nail Art Challenge!
Monday, March 4, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
Woot woot, first blog post! What good timing since it's the beginning of a new month. Since this is the first blog post, I'm going to start it off with the NAIL ART CHALLENGE! I'm sure some of you have seen/heard this challenge before, it has gone on for awhile now, but for those who don't let me explain what its all about.
First the nail art challenge is a challenge for the month, requiring a nail art design everyday. But honestly I think everyday is a bit over doing it. So therefore, I'm going to do it every week instead. I know, I know that's not very fair, so with the nail art design I do every week, I will show you how I do each one. I think that sounds fair enough. Okay now time for the list!


  1. Red Nails
  2. Orange Nails
  3. Yellow Nails
  4. Green Nails
  5. Blue Nails
  6. Violet Nails
  7. Black & White Nails
  8. Metallic Nails
  9. Rainbow Nails
  10. Gradient Nails

   11. Polka dots
   12. Stripes
   13. Animal Print
   14. Flowers
   15. Delicate Print
   16. Tribal Print
   17. Glitter
   18. Half Moons
   19. Galaxies
   20. Water Marbled


   21. Inspired by a Color
   22. Inspired by a Song
   23. Inspired by a Movie
   24. Inspired by a Book
   25. Inspired by Fashion
   26. Inspired by a Pattern
   27. Inspired by Artwork
   28. Inspired by a Flag
   29. Inspired by a Supernatural
   30. Inspired by a Tutorial

Hope you guys are ready to learn some nail art designs! :)

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