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Mini Haul: Shoppers Drug Mart & Winners
Thursday, March 7, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys,
It's haul time! I recently went to shoppers drug mart & winners, & picked up a few things.
Let's start with shoppers first!


I really needed press powder since mine was almost gone, & shoppers is the only one I know that carries the brand GOSH. This press power is in the shade '01 Golden Honey' & is about $22. 
I use to use RIMMEL 'matte press powder', & I like it, but my face gets really shiny/oily throughout the day & RIMMEL didn't hold up, I ended trying this one & I have gone through 3 already! MY face still does get shiny/oily through out the day but it's only minimal. 

Next I remembered I was almost gone of concealer, so I was going to pick up my regular from L'OREAL, but then saw this one from MAYBELLINE'S FIT collection. I wanted to try it since I'm already using the foundation from MAYBELLINE & plus it's cheaper then L'OREAL'S Concealer. 
I got this in the shade '#15 fair' & it was about $8.99 on sale. The L'OREAL one I use all the time is about $12.

The last three things I for from there are from the brand ESSENCE. 
They're cute little eye shadows & were super cheap. 
I got a dark metallic blue in the shade '#11 wild at heart', a light shimmery lilac in the shade '#57 in the clouds', & a metallic green in the shade '#30 happy hour'. 

These eye shadows were all on sale for $1.29! I thought it was a great deal, so why not.

Now time for Winners!
I really wanted the new textures line from OPI's MARIAH CAREY collection & found a 4 piece mini polishes set @ winners! They're so adorable & I cannot wait to try them out. The colors include 'get your number', 'can't let go', 'the impossible' & 'stay  the night'. This set was $12.99.

Since I was in the nail polish section, I stumbled upon my all time favorite top coat, & decided to get that as well, just in case I was running out. SECHE VITA 'dry fast top coat', was about $7.99.

Lastly I needed a new eye lash curler, but forgot to pick one up @ shoppers, so I looked for one at winners.
Thankfully I found one, hopefully it works good! CALA eyelash curler, was about $4.99.

So that's my mini haul, hope you guys stay warm from this cold!
Until next time, xo.

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