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Haul: Rexall & SuperStore
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys, I know my last blog post was on a haul, but my lovely boyfriend gave me a little shopping spree on beauty products for valentine`s day & I didn't get a chance to use it till now. So yay for another haul! I wanted to check Rexall out first, just cause they have a couple things on sale there that I wanted.

First few things I headed for was the REVLON'S 'lip butters'. I always wanted to try them out cause I heard so much great things about them. 
I got 2 lip butters & 2 REVLON'S 'super lustrous lipstick'.

The first lip butter is a pretty pink, called '#080 strawberry shortcake'.

Next I got a peachy nude color in '#065 creamsicle'.
The lipsticks I got in the super lustrous line are '#025 sky line pink'
which is a pearly light pink color.
 & the last one is '#405 silver city pink', which is a light pink shimmer color.
The packaging is so cute on the lip butters that I want more, haha. 
All the REVLON'S lipsticks were $4.99 on sale.

Next I wanted to try out some new blush. I didn't even start to wear blush till this year actually thanks to my friend kimmy, who suggested I should try some blush to brighten up my face. She taught me how to put it & bam I was hooked. I only own 1 blush, so I do really need more variety. I got 2 blushes from RIMMEL, since they were on sale. Yay for sales!
First one I got is a medium rosey color in '003 pink rose'. 
Second is '102 santa rose', its more lighter than the first blush & probably my favorite between the two. These blushes are $3.96 on sale.

The next thing I got my boyfriend actually pointed out. I was busy looking at some things & he's like this make-up is on sale over here if you want to take a look, & knowing me I did look. Most of the things were almost gone, sad panda. But I did end up getting one thing, it's from the brand NYC. NYC is already a cheap brand to begin with, but I heard their eye shadows were pretty pigmented, so I wanted to get one & see for myself. 
I got an eye shadow quad in more of neutral colors. 
This one is in '#819A lexington luxury'. This was $2.46 on sale.

Lastly I couldn't walk out the store without looking at nail polish! & I ended up getting 5 bottles. I got 3 from SALLY HANSEN, 1 from ESSIE, & 1 from NICOLE BY OPI. 
The ones from SALLY HANSEN, are from their line 'smooth & perfect color care'. The colors I picked are a pastel color, which I thought it be good for spring & Easter. I also really liked the shape of the bottle, it just looks so clean.
The first polish I got is a pastel purple called '#05 whisper'
Second polish is a pastel blue called '#06 air'
& lastly a pearl pink called '#02 linen'. These were $3.96 on sale. I want more from this line, the colors are so pretty & it makes your nails look so clean.

The one I got from ESSIE, is dark greeny gray with some gold shimmer to it. I thought it was just a dark gray at the store when I picked it up but when I looked at it closely it was more green. I don't mind it though, makes a good color for army print. 
This nail polish is in 'armed & ready' & was $4.97 on sale. Too bad there weren't some more of ESSIE'S stuff on sale, oh well next time.

The last nail polish I got is from NICOLE BY OPI, from the line 'Selena Gomez'. I couldn't resist this line at all, the polishes are packed with sparkles & glitter, & which girl doesn't like sparkles & glitter?!
The color I ended up getting is called '#NI G02 mi fantasia'. Sadly this one wasn't on sale & it ended up being $10.99. Oh well, still a pretty polish.

That was my trip to Rexall, time for Superstore. I didn't really buy much from Superstore, since it was insanely busy. The first thing I picked up is from PHYSICANS FORMULA. I really like natural colors, & didn't feel like paying $50 for the naked pallet from urban decay, well not yet at least. 
The packaging on this is absolutely adorable, I love the lace & the cute little bow. They have 3 different kinds of the shimmer strips eye shadow. This one is '#7871C classic nude' & was a bit pricey but I've been eyeing for awhile now. Ended up being $15.79, hopefully it's pigmented.

Next I saw MAYBELLINE'S COLOR TATTOO 24HRS on sale & grab a few. I also heard great things about these eye shadows & again I grab more neutral colors, haha.
First one is in the color '#55 inked in pink'. Its a pearly pink metallic, I would have to say.
Next eye shadow is in '#35 tough as taupe'. I love taupe colors, & I'm still searching to find the perfect taupe color.
Last eye shadow is probably my favorite among the 3. It's a light pearly color in '#70 barely branded'. I can't wait to use these! They were about $5.96 each on sale.

Last product is from MAYBELLINE again. I kinda needed eye liner & saw this new one by MAYBELLINE & decided to give it a go. This is MAYBELLINE MASTER DUO 2-IN-1 GLOSSY LIQUID LINER, in 'black lacquer'
The 2-in-1 is so you can either draw a thick line or a thin line, pretty handy huh? Hopefully it'll turn out better on my eyes than on the swatches I did. 
This was regular price at $10.99.

Well that was my haul, hope you guys enjoyed. 
Come back soon for N.A.C. week 2 - Orange nails!

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