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Why hello there! The name is Anna & I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in beauty school, trying to learn the ropes of being a hair stylist. My random blog will include my daily life, hauls, reviews, & tutorials :) Hope you enjoy & follow! xo Get your ipsy!

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N.A.C. Week 3 - Yellow Nails
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
It's time for this week N.A.C. - Yellow Nails! Since Easter is just around the corner I thought I do a cute design for this holiday. Let's get started!
Things you need:
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Yellow nail polish
- Clear sparkly nail polish
- White acrylic paint
- Black acrylic paint
- Light pink acrylic paint
- Dotting tool (or toothpick, pen, etc)
- Stripper brush
- Water
- Small dish to put paint on
- Paper towels

Okay first prep the nails with a base coat. 
I'm using ESSIE 'all in one base'.

Next I'm going to use 2 types of yellow nail polish, since I don't have the tone of nail polish I want. First I'm going to paint one coat of a vibrant yellow. 
I'm using CHINA GLAZE '#870 happy go lucky'. Let that dry.
Now I'm going to apply a pastel yellow polish on top. 
I'm using CHINA GLAZE '#871 lemon fizz'. Apply a second coat once dry.

Easter isn't complete without a little bit of sparkles! 
Apply a coat of clear sparkles over top. 
I'm using NICOLE BY OPI 'here kim's the sun'.

After that is dry we're going to start drawing the bunny. On your thumb & ring finger, using the white acrylic paint start drawing a half circle on the tip of the nails like so. 
This will be it's head. Fill in.

Now time for the ears. We're going to use the dotting tool for this. 
Use the biggest doting tool you have. On your ring finger put 2 dots above the head. 
One near the head & one slightly higher then the first dot. 
On the thumb just do 2 dots above the head that is equal distance.

Next we're going to use our stripper brush & connect the dots to the head. Make sure you curve your lines a bit when you're connecting. Fill in the ears. Let the paint dry & do a couple more coats. 

One the paint is dry, we're going to be using a smaller dotting tool & black acrylic paint. Make 2 dots on the head for it's eyes. 
Wait a bit for that to dry & use the white acrylic paint to make dots on the outer corner of the eyes. 

Now using the light pink acrylic paint (mix white w/ pink if you don't have a light pink), we're going to use the small dotting tool again & make 2 dots on the side of the face for the blush. So cute! 
Using the same dotting tool, start the dot on the bottom of the ears & drag it up. Do that for the thumb only. On the ring finger, do the opposite. So start at the top of the ears, & drag it downwards as you follow the curve of the ears.

Finally done the bunnies! 
Now for the rest of nails, we're going to do an Easter egg pattern. 
There is no right way of doing this pattern go crazy, but I use white acrylic paint for dots then the light pink for the different lines. 

Once it's dry top coat  & you're done! I'm using SECHE VITA 'dry fast top coat'.

More simple then meets the eye. Hope you guys enjoyed this & try it out! Happy Easter everyone!
Next week is N.A.C. - Green Nails!