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Why hello there! The name is Anna & I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in beauty school, trying to learn the ropes of being a hair stylist. My random blog will include my daily life, hauls, reviews, & tutorials :) Hope you enjoy & follow! xo Get your ipsy!

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Food for thought: Over Easy Breakfast Review
Thursday, March 27, 2014 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
I thought I would spice my blog up with some restaurant reviews! Last week I went out with one of my favorite girls to a place called "Over Easy Breakfast" it's located on 824 Edmonton Trail, North East Calgary, AB. It's a small brunch place hidden along the shops on Edmonton Trail. I always drive on Edmonton Trail & haven't even noticed there was a breakfast place there! We got there around 11:00-11:15am & it was already packed. There is a parking lot just beside the place but it is limited parking! We had to park a few blocks down & walk. As soon as we got there we were defiantly surprised at how packed it was for a Thursday. We were than greeted & had to wait about 10 mins before we were seated. I didn't mind waiting, what I did mind however was the 'waiting area' was pretty much when you stepped into the place. It was small & defiantly not the best place to wait as people came in & out & it was pretty cold that day. Anyways we got seated at a small booth, shortly after the waitress came & asked us if we would like to have some coffee ($2.60). The coffee wasn't bad, me & my friend needed quite a bit of sugar haha. Moving on to our food! I decided to get a simple breakfast, I wasn't too adventurous that day. 

I choose from the CRACKED EGGS ... FARM FRESH SECTION: 2 eggs, herb potatoes, double smoked bacon,wild blueberry chicken banger & toast ($9.00+$4.00; Added the sausage). My friend decided to go with MY BLUE PLATE SPECIALS SECTION: Breakfast In Tuscany; 2 poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, San Daniele Prosciutta, rye, herb potatoes & fresh fruit ($13.50). Our food defiantly came out fast! I think we only waited 10mins for our food to come out. Everything looked so lovely! It was time to chow down. With my dish, the herb potatoes were really good! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside & it has just the right amount of seasoning. The wild blueberry chicken banger was the best sausage I had! It was peppery with a hint of blueberries. The sausage wasn't dry nor greasy! The toast I got was so thick, I didn't mind it but tasted like any other toast haha. The bacon wasn't bad, it wasn't greasy but a bit over cooked for me! It wasn't as salty as some other bacon I had. Now the eggs were my least favorite. They were really bland & way too soft for me. I was honestly surprised on how yellow they were. In total we spent about $20.00 each including TIPS. Over all I rate this place 3.5-4/5 STARS. Would I ever go back there? Yes, but probably at a different time & maybe get my eggs a bit more well done. My friend's review is here on her blog: HERE Also here is the restaurant's website if you want to check out  their menu: Hope you guys enjoyed this review! There will be more to come! Xo